Matthew Sugarman Biographical Information

Education and Directorships

Matthew Sugarman received a Master of Arts Degree in Drawing and Printmaking from Humboldt State University, California and a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Printmaking from Montana State University, Bozeman.  From 1985 through 1987 Mr. Sugarman was Director of the Printmaking Department for the Visual Arts Center of Alaska.  From the fall of 1987 until the spring of 1997, Mr. Sugarman served as an Associate Professor of Art at the University of Northern Iowa. Matthew Lamoureux Sugarman was appointed to direct the printmaking department at Georgia State University, Atlanta in 1997 and continues to serve in that capacity as an Associate Professor.

Exhibitions and Awards

In addition to having presented more than twenty solo art exhibitions, Mr. Sugarman has received over twenty awards for his artwork.  Most notable among the more than 20 public art collections which feature his work, are the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC and the Beijing Natural Culture Center in the Peoples Republic of China.

Current Artwork

His current artwork stresses the use of 2D printmaking and mixed media techniques in the creation of artworks, which evoke the visual environment of interior mental space.

Additional Biographical Information

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