Artist's Statement

I am best known for my works in printmaking, drawing and painting that address contemporary political, philosophical, and ecological concerns while utilizing aspects of Renaissance and Proto-Renaissance imagery.

A number of my current artworks stress the use of 2D printmaking and mixed-media techniques in the creation of artworks which evoke the visual environment of interior mental space, something seen within the mind’s eye. I try to imbue many of these pieces with the ambiguous feel of an image forming or dissipating within the mind. Surrounding the central imagery, in softer focus and contrast there usually exists a visual amalgamation of additional images, designs and textures. These surrounding elements are meant to be symbolic, a metaphor for lingering images flowing freely within the unconscious mind - Images that may impress or inform but which are not fully revealed to the conscious mind.

For me, an important aspect of the practice of art making is its function as a filter. In this respect I would agree with the artist Roy Deforest who said that his artwork was a way of making sense of the horrifying sum total of everything. The impetus for all of my artwork is the exploration of three themes. Firstly, It inquires into the ways the various properties which make up a human identity, will, ego, spirit, animal instinct, intellect and imagination all coexist together in that mysterious place called the mind. Secondly it examines the struggle between ego and spirit, each employing will in a struggle for dominance.

A third but connected theme of my artwork is to examine mankind’s relationship with nature and the role of science and technology in today’s world. A number of my works are also simply meant to praise the metaphysical beauty of nature and by extension to lead one to ponder the possibility that an intelligence and aesthetic force seems to have been at play in the creation of the cosmos and of our world.

Science exists fundamentally as an activity of the human mind. Within my artwork science is seen as akin to nature, but also frequently opposing it. The laws of nature are a principal area of scientific focus, but science is primarily a tool, a potential power put into the service of humankind and above all serves the desires and needs of man. As science continues to increase mankind’s power, nature’s dependency on human beneficence and wisdom for its survival increases. It is an irony that mankind is of nature, but proves to see itself above it. With the aid of science mankind selfishly devours nature, while acting out complex ego and identity issues. We knowingly engage in the devastation of this unique and irreplaceable natural world. Are we like Icarus who in being unhappy with being merely a man endeavored, with the aid of science, to be like a God and perished while flying too close to the sun?

Title: Bird With Barcode

Media:Screenprint, Ink Wash, Charcoal, Graphite,Acrylic Paint & Pastel

Size: 44” x 30”