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Mr. Sugarman is perhaps best known for his works in printmaking and drawing that addresses contemporary political and ecological concerns utilizing Renaissance and Proto-Renaissance imagery. Click here to view the Rainaissance Gallery


A number of the works in this section are meant to praise the metaphysical beauty of nature while making a visual and conceptual statement concerning the innate elegance and majesty of one particular aspect of it. Click here to view the Nature Gallery

Limited Editions

A limited edition print such as those produced by Mr. Sugarman is considered an original, in contrast to a reproduction, which is a copied piece. Click here to view the Limited Edition Gallery


Because of the odd resemblance of these complex vivid color effects to the type of color viewed in actual dream states, the effect of an artistic handling of blacklight images can be particularly mesmerizing, beautiful and engaging. Click here to view the Blacklight Gallery

Human and Animal Rights

Selections of artwork from Mr. Sugarman’s oeuvre that address political and social concerns from a modern perspective are grouped within this section. Click here to view the Human & Animal Rights Gallery

Current Work

View Matthew Sugarman's current work. Click here to view the Current Work Gallery

Title: Blush

Media: Drawing, Intaglio, Screenprint, Micropen, watercolor & Inkwash

Size: 7 x 7

Currently and for the last ten years Matthew Sugarman has lived in Atlanta, Georgia where he works as a Professor of Art at Georgia State University, directing the printmaking department there.

Matthew is best known for his mixed media works in printmaking, drawing and painting that address contemporary political, philosophical, and ecological concerns. Those works, both on paper and panel, often include some traditional media such as ink wash, drawing and painting, usually combined with some use of printmaking media such as intaglio, serigraphy, relief and lithography.

His edition prints by contrast are multiples.  They are hand printed through the use of traditional printmaking media such as intaglio, serigraphy, relief and lithography.

A number of Matthew's current artworks stress the use of 2D printmaking and mixed-media techniques in the creation of artworks which evoke the visual environment of interior mental space, something seen within the mind’s eye. He tries to imbue many of these pieces with the ambiguous feel of an image forming or dissipating within the mind. More specific statements concerning the conceptual content of separate bodies of his work are included as links within the various image galleries.

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