Limited Edition Print - Ecstasy of Psert
Limited Edition Prints

Mr. Sugarman is primarily known as a printmaker. He is best known for works that include printmaking, but are non-the-less one of a kind mixed-media artworks. Those works often include some traditional media such as ink wash and painting. His edition prints by contrast are not one-of-a-kind. They are hand printed through the use of traditional printmaking media such as intaglio, serigraphy, relief and lithography.

Limited Edition Print: In printmaking, an edition is a number of prints struck from one plate, usually at the same point in time. This may be a limited edition, with a fixed number of impressions produced on the understanding that no further impressions (copies) will be produced later. Most modern artists produce only limited editions, normally signed by the artist in pencil, and numbered as say 67/100 to show the unique number of that impression and the total edition size. Mr. Sugarman’s editions are much smaller often numbering between 10 and 33 with a number of them being uniquely hand-colored. The cost for one of Matthew Sugarman's limited edition prints is between $250 and $500.

Reproduction Prints: A limited edition print such as those produced by Mr. Sugarman is considered an original, in contrast to a reproduction, which is a copied piece. It might be photographed, photocopied, digitally reprinted etc. These are usually not limited or numbered and are much less expensive. These are in the same category as a picture in a book or magazine, though better printed and on better paper. The quality is generally not as good as a print, and there is virtually no resale value.

Title: The Ecstasy of Psert

Media: Hand-Printed Color Lithograph (One Stone and Three Aluminum Plates)

Size: 22” x 28”

Title: Jane Eyre’s Dream

Media: Hand Printed Color Lithograph

Size: 11” x 15”

Title: Burden of Dreams

Media: Hand Printed And Hand Colored Stone Lithograph

Size: 22” x 28”

Title: Toy Top

Media: Hand-Printed Color Lithograph (Four Aluminum Plates)

Size: 30” x 22”

Title: Messenger

Media: Hand-Printed Color Lithograph

Size: 22” x 15”

Title: Freedom and Captivity

Media: Hand Printed And Hand Colored Stone Lithograph

Size: 24” x 34”

Title: Inherit the Moon

Media: Line Etching, Drypoint & Softground Hand Colored With Watercolor

Size: 15” x 20”

Title: Hurricane

Media: Hand Printed Stone Lithograph

Size: 22” x 30”

Title: Red Light

Media: Hand Printed And Hand Colored Stone Lithograph

Size: 22” x 30”

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